About us

RP2, Expert in prototyping and small series production

RP2 is founded in 1998 by Mike de Winter. It were the early days of Rapid Prototyping. Mike has been working with these technologies already for several years. He noticed that there was a lot of interest in working with these technologies. But knowledge, experience and the possibility of finishing the products was essential to use additive manufacturing technologies successfully. Because of the high investments it was for most companies not profitable to invest in machines themselves. With RP2 Mike wanted to make it possible for all companies to use additive manufacturing technologies in a professional way with a high quality level.

Every year RP2 grew a bit. Also the additive manafacturing technologies rapidly developed. RP2 keeps investing in new machines but also and especially in its employees. The possibilities of finishing and casting based on 3D-Printed master patterns are brought to perfection. Now we have a team of 10 highly skilled professionals. The combination of modern technologies and old fashioned craftsmanship is the trademark of RP2.

To accommodate further growth and to be able to serve our customers even better, in Augus 2011 RP2 has moved to a nice and spacious location at Gouden Rijder 6 in Etten-Leur.
At that time we also started with vacuum casting of metal alloys. So now its possible to make series of products not only in plastic but also in metal. You are most welcome to visit us in Etten-Leur where we can show what we can do for you.