3D-Printed Architectural Models

More often we see the application of 3D-Printing for Architectural Models. With the use of 3D-CAD in architectural design the step to 3D-Printing is logical because with 3D-Printing it is easy to make complex models with high level finish. From a single building to complete urban models. RP2 has several 3D-Printing machines in house for making this kind of scale models. Depending on the demands for the model we choose the 3D-Printing technique and material. It’s important to have good 3D-CAD data available. This data can be supplied in several formats like STL, IGES or STEP. We can advise and support you with the supply of the 3D-CAD data or with making the 3D-CAD model, to make sure that a good result will be achieved. When the 3D-Print is ready we can apply all kind of finishing. From simple glass blasting to high level finish and spraypaint. We also have transparent material available, to simulate glass.