3D-Printing is a technique which makes it possible to produce parts directly from a 3D-CAD drawing. The 3D-Printer builds the part layer by layer, without the need for any special production tools like Injection Molds.

RP2 Has several Industrial 3D-Printers available. With these these machines we can make accurate parts with good surface quality. We have several print materials available. Strong, durable but also rubber-like and transparent materials are available. The 3D-Printing technique is developing rapidly. More materials with good mechanical properties become available. Also the machines become more efficient. This makes 3D-Printing not only suitable for prototyping. More often we see that 3D-Printing is an economic production tool for producing small to mid-size series. Each 3D-Print technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. So you have to choose the right 3D-Print technique for your application. If you like we can advise you by choosing the right technique and the right material.